Workers’ Compensation Cases Postponed for 90-Days

April 1, 2020 9:51 am

Due to the COVID-19 National Emergency, on March 27 the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commissioner (IWCC) issued a memorandum announcing the suspension of its regular operations for April 2020.

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Subject to exceptions, this suspension means that all cases will continue to their next regularly scheduled 90-day continuance date. The IWCC handles workers’ compensation claims between employees and their employer. It uses an administrative court process to resolve the cases. The IWCC must also approve any settlement that releases an employee’s workers’ compensation claim.

If a case is currently pending before the IWCC for oral argument, the case may be decided if the parties waive oral argument. If oral argument is waived, a Decision on Review will be issued by the assigned panel as quickly as possible.
During the period of suspended operations, the IWCC will hear “valid” emergency motions only. “Valid” emergencies include issues involving the expiration of a statute of limitations, or where a party can reasonably be expected to suffer an unacceptable hardship if not heard on an expedited basis. Motions which do not constitute “valid” emergencies will be stricken.
All other IWCC operations will continue as usual. Parties are advised that any statutory filing deadlines and statutes of limitations will not be affected by the memorandum. The IWCC will continue to process all usual documents and filings by mail and in person delivery.